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November 29, 2012
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Wish me luck by RVR-And-More Wish me luck by RVR-And-More
Jessica and Rhea at their first jumping show!! XD


Jessica stood with Rhea tied to the horse trailer, the black mare was completely tacked and stood with her leg cocked looking as if she had fallen asleep. While Jessica paced nervous as hell for the up coming event, it would be her first event and she and Rhea had trained hard but she kept doubting they could stand a chance against any of the other riders and their horses. Most would probably be experienced in events like this one. Jessica felt like she was going to start hyperventilating, she bent over placing her hands on her knees to brace herself. She looked up when she heard someone approaching, it was her mom Elisabeth. Jessica quickly stood up straight as her mom stopped in front of her. Elisabeth roughly pulled Jessica's chin up so they were looking each other dead in the eyes.

Elisabeth: * Grabs Jessica by the shoulders forcing her to square her shoulders and stand straighter.* Stop slouching Jessica, you look like a scared little child. We have worked hard for this and I will be furious if you ruin a chance for us to get RainbowValleyRanch noticed by the public!

Jessica: * Takes a deep breath trying to calm herself, her mom not helping her nerves.* This is my first competition. You can't expect me-

Elisabeth: * Raises her hand, making Jessica go silent fast.* I expect you to not mess this up for us! So pull it together so Rhea will do her best and not mess anything up. She needs a confident rider on her back and you need to be that rider!

Jessica: * Sighs softly and nods.* I will be...

Elisabeth: * Pats Jessica's shoulder approvingly.* Good. Now get ready!

Jessica untied Rhea, mounting up she walked the mare into a small arena to get her warmed up. Once she was warmed up she took Rhea over some practice jumps knocking down the top rail of each jump she did. She could hear her mom yelling things at her from the other side of the arena but ignored her as much as she could.

The loud speaker called out their name and Jessica trotted Rhea toward the starting line, stopping right before they crossed it and closing her eyes visualizing the course in her mind as she breathed deeply to relax herself. Jessica opened her eyes and nudged Rhea forward, the black mare eagerly responded and cantered toward the first jump, the square oxer, Rhea charged toward it with eager strides. Jessica readied herself and before she knew it Rhea had jumped completely over it, clearing it with ease. Jessica focused as she turned Rhea and set her up for the next jump, the swedish oxer. Again they cleared it with ease. Jessica was so focused she totally forgot about her nerves and set Rhea up for the next jump, the ditch. They went over it easily, Jessica didn't worry about that one because there were no rails to knock down. She set Rhea for the next jump, they flew over the triple bar but Rhea's hind leg hit the highest rail sending it to the ground. Jessica didn't let that distract her as she took Rhea over the coffin, then she turned her slightly and took her over the skinny then the trakehner which were closer together so she had to line her up quicker. Which Rhea took easily and before Jessica knew it they were over the finish line. She trotted Rhea out of the arena and began cooling her off. Elisabeth came over with a very displeased look on her face and Jessica knew it was because she had knocked down a rail.

Elisabeth: You want to explain to me what that was? * She puts her hands on her hips glaring at her daughter.*

Jessica: We made it over every one perfectly except for one. It won't take that much off our score, everyone knocks rails down from time to time. * Reaches forward playing with Rhea's mane nervously.*

Elisabeth: Sit up straighter Jessica!! * Lowers her voice when Rhea's head flies up startled.* Yes people knock down rail from time to time but this is the first time anyone has every seen you and now they probably think you suck!

Jessica: * Sighs defeated* I'm sorry.....

Elisabeth: Just go cool Rhea down more and get her ready for the night..... I will decide what to do when we find out if your fault has coasted you a placing or not.

Jessica: Yes ma'ma. * Turns Rhea to cool her off and do as she was told.* I think we did good don't you Rhea?

Rhea: * Snorts, nodding her head.*


Show: [link]
Show By: :iconfuangel29:

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Horse: Rhea [link]
Rider: Jessica [link]
Stable: RainbowValleyRanch [link]
Stable Owner: Elisabeth [link]

This took me 5 layers and 5 hours on gimp using a mouse that sucks XP

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fulociraptor Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you please send in all three entries at once. Thank you :D
I will once the others are done
fulociraptor Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you :D
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